Applicants and Authorised Representatives have the following responsibilities as outlined in the Stoma Appliance Scheme Operational Guidelines:

1. A SAS participant must be a financial member of an approved stoma association of their choice

2. A SAS participant must pay the association’s compulsory SAS Access Fee and membership fees as they fall due

3. A SAS participant must notify the association about

  • Change of name
  • Change of address
  • Change to Concessional Card status (with evidence)
  • Change to Medicare information (such as when a new card is received

4. A SAS participant must be familiar with the policies and procedures of their chosen association with regard to ordering guidelines, including when an order must be submitted and how long to allow for that order to be made available for collection from the association or dispatch

5. A SAS participant is required to pay any costs associated with obtaining stoma products that are not met by the Stoma Appliance Scheme (e.g. delivery of products)

6. A SAS participant must only use products supplied through the SAS for their own personal use.