Your membership with Queensland Stoma Association Ltd can be cancelled at any time by informing us by telephone during our normal business hours or by sending a request to cancel your membership by email to [email protected].

Your membership can also be transferred to another Australian Stoma Association by request. Please see here for a list of Australian Stoma Associations. Financial members of QLD Stoma Association Ltd who request their registration be trasnsferred to an alternative association will not be required to pay another compulsory Stoma Appliance Scheme Access Fee for the current financial year.

Annual Subscription Refund Policy – A written request for a refund of the annual subscription will be considered only if a request for Stoma Appliance Scheme funded products has NOT been received for the financial year for which the annual subscription has been paid. Requests for a refund should be sent to:

The Chairperson

Queensland Stoma Association Ltd

PO Box 370


email: [email protected]